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One Health Day: 3rd November 2016-University of Nairobi

Oct 22, 2016 | Blog, News

ohdd_def_banners_3nov_720x300_cca18d27c9902One health resource center is a voluntary nongovernmental organization based in Kenya whose main objectives is creating a platform for collaboration among different professions to create awareness among the public in order to initiate a behavior change as a way of reducing risk of infection by emerging and infectious disease and solving other public health problems through a one health approach.

Recent disease events, like Ebola, MERS and Zika have underpinned the effects of zoonotic diseases on human and animals health. It is also clear that changes in the environment like climate change and population growth are drivers for diseases emergence and food insecurity, it is in this regard that the one health resource center together with other one health advocates and organization around the world will be hosting the 1st one health day on the 3rd of November 2016 at the University of Nairobi, Upper Kabete Campus as from 2-5pm to demonstrate the need for a collaborative approach in solving public health problems.

The one health day will be hosted in collaboration with the University of Nairobi One Health Student Organization.

The main activity of the day will start at 2pm where we will have a talk show featuring a multi disciplinary panel of scientist from different institutions to address major public health problems.


Topics to be discussed:

One health and politics of Antimicrobial resistance, by Dr. Laura Kahn MD, MPH, MPP, FACP

Dr.  Kahn is a medical doctor and a research scholar with the program of science and global security at Princeton University USA.  She founded one health initiative and authored: “Who is in charge? Leadership during epidemics, bioterror attacks and other public health crises” 2009 and one health and the politics of antimicrobial resistance 2016

Climate change and emergence of infectious diseases, by Njenga Kariuki PHD

Dr. Kariuki is a veterinarian and a professor of Virology and global health at Paul G Allen school of Global animal health, Washington State University. He is also the head of one health and chief research officer at the Kenya medical Research Institute, Nairobi.

Zoonotic and emerging diseases and their impact at the household level, by Prof. Erustus Kangethe

Prof.  Kangethe is a Veterinarian and a professor of food safety, He teaches at the University of Nairobi, Department of Public health Pharmacology and toxicology. He is also a CO-PI with Zoolink and Urbanzoo research groups based in ILRI.

Food safety and security by Dr. Jasper Oloo

Dr.  Oloo is a food scientist based at the Agha Khan University hospital, Nairobi; He is currently the Manager Dietetics department at the hospital.

One health and its benefits in solving public health problems by Dr. Mwatondo Athman

Dr. Mwatondo is a medical doctor with a post graduate training in Public health; He is currently the head of Zoonotic Disease Unit in the Ministry Of Health GoK.

The role of media/ Journalism in a disease outbreak: The biography of the panelist will be availed once he confirms his availability.

The talk will be open to the public and they will be allowed to ask questions to the panelists.


For more information send email to oneheathcenter@gmail.com  or call +25479810113

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