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The donkey welfare project

KVA is partnering with Brooke EA to implement a donkey improvement project in Kajiado County. This falls under the objective of partnerships and collaborations with other stakeholders.

The project started in the year 2013. Currently the Projects is covering three Sub counties; Kajiado North, East and Central. The project coverage is 21,400 donkeys and coverage is 8774 donkeys.

The project is working towards achieving three main Objectives:

  1. To strengthen the quality and accessibility of services affecting working equine welfare. This is achieved by capacity building of the local service providers operating in the project area.
  2. Working with the community to have a positive change in knowledge, attitudes, behavior and practices affecting welfare of working Donkeys. Currently this project is working with 13 community Donkey User Groups and one service providers group. Majority of these groups are registered with the Ministry of Gender and Social Services. Donkey welfare is one of the group’s main activities.
  3. Collaborating with the County Government in order to have increased attention to the importance of working Donkeys which is reflected in the Kajiado County policy and development agenda.

The project is working towards addressing several welfare issues which cut across the tire project area of operation. The priority welfare issues are:

  1. Wounds –found on different body parts. These wounds are brought about by poor cart and pack harnessing.
  2. negative behaviour- this welfare issue is brought about by the and practices done by the donkey owners-like whipping , shouting at the donkeys, cultural practices like firing, nasal septum pegging among others.
  3. Poor body condition –

Activities are divided into three subsections which intertwine each other. The community engagement activities are carried out y the community Development officers. These activities involve trainings on different donkey welfare aspects o practices like  five freedoms, proper feeding and watering , hoof picking, home based wound management  and first aid.

Under service provision, the local service providers’ both private and Government are capacity build by the vet team on donkey welfare and management of donkey diseases and management. Through this they will be competent to attend to donkey cases and in return give quality services to donkey owners and users.

The project is working with the county Government to come up with county animal welfare bill. This process has already been owed by the county government and process is underway. The project collaborates with the county during national Donkey celebration days.

Donkey project work in pictures

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