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About us

The Kenya Veterinary Association (KVA) is a membership organization which is duly registered under the Societies Act, Cap 108 Laws of Kenya. Its mandate is to act as a watchdog for the veterinary profession to ensure proper management of veterinary issues that impact on the welfare of the veterinarians with an overall aim of enhancing animal welfare. The association is involved in all advocacy issues and leadership of the Animal Resource Industry.Since the Association’s inception in 1966 and subsequent registration as an Association in 1967, it has expanded in terms of membership as well as diversity, ranging from basic animal welfare to quality assurance of veterinary professional services and overall leadership in the Animal Resource Industry where members are responsible for certification and technical competence. Successive office bearers have volunteered their time and resources to ensure the achievement of the Association’s goals and objectives in areas including research, disease management, in spite of funding and human resource capacity challenges. Time has come for investment in developing the capacity of the secretariat to reduce overreliance on volunteerism from committee members.

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